Rainwater Adaptor


Rainwater Adaptor

  • Internal Pipe connection
  • Pusing in to 4“ Pipe
  • Suitable for 68mm Round and Square PVC
  • Easy to install

The Mission Rubber Rainwater Adaptor will accept 65mm square and 68mm round downpipe. External rainwater downpipes can be connected directly to a surface water drain or, depending on the design, via a gully trap to the underground drainage system.

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Technical Specification


MISSION RUBBER (UK) Ltd., Sheffield, S35 9TG, T +44 (0) 114 257 - 0040

Pressure Tightness:

0.5 bar water / -0.3 bar vacuum

Sealing Material:

EPDM rubber according to BS EN 681-1

Temperature Resistance:

-40°C to +120°C, temporary max. temperature +160°C


BS EN 681-1
ReferenceSize A (mm)Size B (mm)resistant to
MWA 09610065-680.5